It’s been 3 years now since the beginning of the AidCoin journey — and more than 10 years since our team got involved in the charity-fundraising industry.

AidCoin was among the first projects to attempt to bridge crypto and the non profit sector. We saw tremendous potential in the transparency and the trust that blockchain could bring to the industry, as well as the freedom that crypto donations could offer to donors. And we still do, but there appeared to be one trick:

From Crypto Revolution to Educating Charities: Why we Shifted our Goals?

We erroneously thought that crypto donations and blockchain-based transactions would be easily embraced by the non profit…

AID token has been listed on SouthXchange with the BTC pair in the effort to provide more liquidity to the token. SouthXchange is a currency management platform built and operated by PRO-Systems, allowing fast, secure and real-time cryptocurrency exchange for bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The platform is currently listed on Coinmarketcap and reported with a High confidence green label about the volume traded

In the effort to reduce the actual token supply the company has decided to burn a total sum of 493,492 AID tokens equivalent at roughly 5000 USD at the current market price, bringing the total supply available down to 44,397486 tokens from the original 100M ICO supply.

The burn was made possibile by investing the revenues generated by AidCoin’s last fundraising activity in support of Rondine.

Rondine is an Italian non profit organization committed to reducing armed conflicts around the world and spreading its own method for the creative transformation of conflicts in every context.

Its objective is contributing to…

Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining momentum. But while more and more economic sectors leverage it to enhance efficiency, transparency and trust, the charity industry is still not ready for it. That’s why we at AidCoin have decided to launch ImpactOn, a side project agency focused on performance marketing. Read below how.

After establishing all sorts of partnerships and organizing workshops for charities to foster adoption both on the side of charities and donors, we’ve found enough evidence that charities are not prepared for crypto crowdfunding just yet.

The truth is that today, most charities are not only unprepared for raising…

In the effort to reduce the actual token supply the company has decided to burn a total sum of 997,688 AID tokens equivalent at roughly 10.500 USD at the current market price, bringing the total supply available to 44,800,978 tokens from the original 100M ICO supply.

New token supply

The burn was made possibile with the revenues generated by AidCoin in the last few months of fundraising campaigns. More campaigns will follow in the next months and more burning events are expected to follow.

Lately, one of our campaigns has become a huge success with almost 100,000 donors involved online

How are charities surviving the lockdown and why are they hit the hardest these days?

During the COVID times, most organizations are forced to undergo a digital transformation —and non-profits are no different. The only distinctive point is that before the pandemic, only a minority of charities had been operating online or at least realized the need of doing so — unlike the for-profit world that already had substantial expertise in the field.

In this new reality, many charities are struggling to collect donations through the offline channels (gala events, face to face desks, fundraising marathons etc). That’s why…

In the effort to reduce the actual token supply the company has decided to burn several wallets containing approx 54M tokens generated during the ICO, precisely:

  • 27.000.000 AID tokens from the company wallet have been burned 0xb8bdc20cec23ec4f999f3544ea9d11985c3f9f6f
  • 10.000.000 AID tokens from the team wallet have been burned 0xb8bdc20cec23ec4f999f3544ea9d11985c3f9f6f
  • 2,902,439 AID tokens from the advisor wallet have been burned 0xA53bF94C1ce8c17fD14Af8a9A99828B1eA5c2f8a
  • 9,037,000 AID tokens from the ecosystem wallet have been burned 0xb83BecCec59152D4E552A2B7C4feef9C79f7b070
  • 5,261,494 AID tokens from the airdrop wallet have been bruned 0xc02a88bc1042ab4fd02fa69c3d57150f2f816b78

This means that the total supply of AID has decreased from the initial 100M tokens to approx 46M tokens…

Pay with AID and get generous cashback in return!

AidCoin, following its tech roadmap, has launched a gamification experience on the non-profit fundraising platform CharityStars - the leading fundraising website in Italy which is amazingly raising more than 1,5 mln EUR to fight the Coronavirus… And the only platform where you can contribute in crypto!

On one hand, this gamification project is an attempt to stimulate donations on CharityStars. On the other hand, we aim to make CharityStars users more confident with cryptocurrencies and incentivize them to pay auctions in AID tokens — a cryptocurrency specifically designed for charity.

From now on, making donations in AID tokens not only…

These days we are experiencing an unprecedented moment in history, the lives of thousands of people have been significantly affected.

Statistics are shocking: the total number of infected exceeded 125 thousand people. From European countries, Italy suffered the most — more than 12 thousand people got infected. The graph below fully depicts the current situation in Italy.

How many of you dream to escape to a hideaway island in Sicily where only the sun and the birds can find you? Or sail around the stunning islands in Croatia guided by the warm breeze and the smell of the sea? Or explore the hidden gems of the Caribbean sipping on your Pina Colada with your beloved one? Or simply get a splendid suite at an internationally recognized 5-star hotel chain for peanuts while using your AidCoins?

Well, here is some good news for the AidCoin holders: all these awesome experiences are now at your fingertips — with a…


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