In the effort to reduce the actual token supply the company has decided to burn a total sum of 997,688 AID tokens equivalent at roughly 10.500 USD at the current market price, bringing the total supply available to 44,800,978 tokens from the original 100M ICO supply.

New token supply

The burn was made possibile with the revenues generated by AidCoin in the last few months of fundraising campaigns. More campaigns will follow in the next months and more burning events are expected to follow.

Lately, one of our campaigns has become a huge success with almost 100,000 donors involved online

How are charities surviving the lockdown and why are they hit the hardest these days?

During the COVID times, most organizations are forced to undergo a digital transformation —and non-profits are no different. The only distinctive point is that before the pandemic, only a minority of charities had been…


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